The future of social media is looking more and more censorsed and controlled. With this in mind we want to carve out a small space away from the censors and silicon valley bullies. A space to enter into healthy discourse without fear of one side being silenced.

At biased.ca the goal is to offer a FREE space to keep up to date with the latest news and events will offering the views the chance to be the content providers. In short YOU are the journalist and reporter, you make the news, you break the story and YOU take back control.

As a NEW platform we are reliant on content and although we can provide the MSM feeds we really want the latest stories from across the world today.

Content is gathered and aggregated here with direct links to the sources for reference and extending review. We avoid bias and conjecture and when possible reference evidence and independently proven facts. SHARING sources and content is so important with the current Silicon Valley censorship on opposing views.

Join us and help preserve FREE SPEECH and Independent Journalism.



We collect minimal information to enable a pleasent trip with us. Sit back and enjoy the ride.